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The Economist - 22 сентября 2018

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Год выпуска: сентябрь 2018

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: EPUB, PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Количество страниц: 96

Описание: Jair Bolsonaro would make a disastrous president for Brazil: leader, page 11. The election could save Latin America's biggest democracy, or sabotage it, page 18.


What system should Britain have after Brexit? Page 21. Many European countries interpret free movement more loosely than Britain does, page 22.

Fertility in Africa

Countries can bring down their birth rates without resorting to Asi an-style i lliberalism: leader, page 14. The continent's high birth rate is keeping it poor, page 41. Child marriage is proving stubbornly persistent, page 42. The number of extremely poor Africans is rising, page 65.

Hurricanes and typhoons

Climate change means more severe storms in both the Atlantic and the Pacific. But governments are getting better at preparing for them, page 52.

AI in Europe

It may be behind, but the European Union can influence the development of AI for the better—and not just at home: leader, page 12. Europe is gearing up to try to challenge the AI superpowers, America and China, page 55.

The trade war

America's tariffs on China have several goals—some of them unachievable: leader, page 12. The two economic superpowers are now embroiled in a proper trade war, page 62. How China's currency sets the tone in the foreign-exchange market: Buttonwood, page 64. The curious role of the Global Times: Chaguan, page 51.


The prime minister, Shinzo Abe, needs to set records for productivity, not just longevity: leader, page 13. During his last years in office, he has a lot to do, page 45.


Vaping is far healthier than smoking. That does not mean it is good for you, page 67.


  • Elections in Brazil
    • Latin America's menace
  • Trade
    • Hunker down
  • Artificial intelligence
    • AI, EU, go
  • Reforming Japan
    • A long haul
  • African demography
    • Not so fast


  • On farming, Syria, immigration, Nike, the armed forces


  • Latin America
    • The noise from Brazil


  • Immigration
    • New order at the border
  • Freedom of movement
    • How to bend the rules
  • The Church of England
    • Turbulent priests
  • The Liberal Democrats
    • Stuck in the middle
  • Northern Ireland
    • Prosecuting the past
  • The railways
    • Non-stop service
  • Steam engines
    • A blast from the past
  • Bagehot
    • May, back from the brink


  • Turkey and Europe
    • Erdogan visits Berlin
  • Poland
    • Taking on PiS and Civic Platform
  • Health in eastern Europe
    • Mind the gap
  • Spanish political scandals
    • A question of degrees
  • Teaching Arabic in France
    • Word games
  • Germany's spy chief
    • Over, not out
  • Charlemagne
    • The rebirth of Eurafrica

United States

  • The Senate
    • No fairy tale
  • Democratic primaries
    • The centre can hold
  • Foreign lobbying
    • Crimea river
  • Nevada's brothels
    • Bras and ballot-initiatives
  • Activism
    • Beyond the hashtag
  • Lexington
    • Brett Kavanaugh

The Americas

  • Argentina
    • Shrinking pains
  • Bello
    • Mexico's history man
  • Quebec's election
    • Immigration nation
  • Cuban honey
    • Worker bee's paradise

Middle East and Africa

  • Demography
    • Babies are lovely, but...
  • Child marriage
    • Growing up too early
  • French forces in Africa
    • Sahel or high water
  • Israel's armed forces
    • Stand uneasy
  • Syria's war
    • Staving off slaughter


  • Japanese politics
    • Abe's ambition
  • Kyrgyzstan
    • Hunting for extremists
  • Talks with North Korea
    • Parading for peace
  • Banyan
    • Stuffing the ballot boxes
  • Suicide in India
    • Deadly reckoning
  • Politics in Pakistan
    • Nawaz Sharif leaves jail


  • The economy
    • Life in a slower lane
  • Hong Kong's transport
    • Anger over a new rail terminus
  • Chaguan
    • The curious role of a tabloid


  • Hurricanes and typhoons
    • Stormy weather
  • Hong Kong
    • Surviving Mangkhut


  • Artificial intelligence in Europe
    • Big data, small politics
  • Bartleby
    • Staff turnover
  • American media
    • The new press barons
  • Passenger rail in America
    • Back on track
  • Tesla's latest troubles
    • The enemy within
  • Indian manufacturing
    • The idolatry industry
  • Business in North Korea
    • On your marks
  • Schumpeter
    • AIA and the Pru in Asia

Finance and economics

  • Emerging markets
    • Crushed and fried
  • The trade war
    • Tit for tat
  • Mooncake studies
    • Reading the crumbs
  • Danske Bank
    • Questionable shape
  • Buttonwood
    • The yuan show
  • Narrow banking
    • A hornets' nest
  • Poverty estimates
    • A thin gruel
  • Free exchange
    • We the shareholders

Science and technology

  • Vaping
    • Smoking without fire
  • Marine biology
    • The house that sank
  • Genetics
    • Neglected genes
  • Cellular ageing
    • Out with the old
  • Antimatter
    • I go up, or down...
  • Destination: Moon
    • Maybe

Books and arts

  • Mumbai noir
    • Maxed-out city
  • A philosophical murder-mystery
    • Carnival of the animals
  • Cold-war espionage
    • Break for the border
  • America's global role
    • Weed-killing
  • Johnson
    • Lodestars and fingerprints

Economic and financial indicators

  • Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at human development


  • Johnny Kingdom
    • Poacher turned photographer

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