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The Economist - 8 декабря 2018

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Год выпуска: декабрь 2018

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Количество страниц: 92

Описание: Parliament cannot agree on what kind of Brexit the people want. It should ask them: leader, page 15.
If Parliament rejects Theresa May's Brexit deal with the European Union next week, the result could be anything from no deal to no Brexit, page 29.

When it comes to a second referendum, the medium shapes the message, page 30.

Macron's nightmare

  • The French president faces his first real test, page 37. His problems are more to do with presentation than policy: leader, page 16.

China's petrified private sector

  • High-flying private firms face an advance by the state: Schumpeter, page 73.

Revolution in Ethiopia

  • A new prime minister promises freedom. Ethnic separatists could wreck his plans: leader, page 18.
  • Ethiopia's new prime minister tries to allow liberty, but not anarchy, page 53.

Goodbye to George H.W. Bush

  • The 41st president of the United States, died on November 30th: Obituary, page 92.

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