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Bloomberg Businessweek (May 23, 2022)

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Год выпуска: May 23, 2022

Автор: Bloomberg Businessweek Europe

Жанр: Бизнес

Издательство: «Bloomberg Businessweek Europe»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Количество страниц: 66


The Aftelife of Lehman Brothers

  • At long last, the bank that died at the start of the financial crisis is close to reaching its final resting place
  • Meet the caretakers ushering the bank through its final legal proceedings

The Teen Who Defied DeFi

  • How a young math whiz nabbed $16 million by exploiting decentralized finance

Build Backs Better

  • Braces for scoliosis are improving, though slower than you might expect


  • Biden in Buffalo
  • Brexit redux
  • Renault leaves Russia


  • Why that baby formula is so hard to find


  • Davos 2022
  • Alibaba
  • Champions League Final


  • Humanity’s history with microbes bodes ill for the future


  • US dollars back English football, and fans get nervous
  • Carvana has a pandemic hangover


  • It’s a sad time to be a unicorn
  • Is debt financing causing Musk’s Twitter jitters?


  • Luna and Terra: An object lesson in how crypto can tank
  • The SEC gets curious about bankers’ phones


  • The UK is better at cost-cutting than long-term planning
  • Nigeria was modernizing. Then Chinese capital dried up
  • Proof that a CPI is a many-splendored thing


  • How remote workers and a tight labor market affect pay
  • Women in astronomy have faced plenty of harassment
  • Want to boost job performance? Walk or bike to work


  • Travel treats for the senses: Touch whales in Mexico ...
  • ... turn off the GPS and read the stars above Maui ...
  • ... find birds in Africa by using your ears ...
  • ... learn to trust your nose when in a new place ...
  • ... and let eating out help you find your way home


  • Restaurants are on a staffing diet. They’ll cope

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