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The Economist - 6 февраля 2016

Скачать бесплатно журнал The Economist - 6 февраля 2016 года.Год выпуска: февраль 2016

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 100

Описание: A European problem demands a common, coherent EU policy. Let refugees in, but regulate the flow: leader, page 9. Europe desperately needs to control the wave of migrants breaking over its borders. This is how to go about it, pages 19-22. Who is the Republican victor of Iowa, and what sort of president might he make? Page 31. Ted Cruz may have won, but Marco Rubio came out on top, page 32. Heard on the trail, page 33.
David Cameron's weedy renegotiation makes a muscular pro-European argument: leader, page 11. The plan is mainly theatre, but it may be enough for Mr Cameron's domestic audience, page 51.
They have created millions of good jobs in the emerging world. Technology threatens to take those jobs away again, pages 55-56
Financial scams may pose as big a political problem for Xi Jinping as the stockmarket crash, page 27.
Despite Britain's bank-bashing mood, HSBC should stay in London: leader, page 12. Banking's longest, and most successful, identity crisis, page 63.
Japan has joined the negative-rates club. But there is a limit to how low rates can go: leader, page 10. Shinzo Abe weathers the exit of a scandal-hit minister with surprising ease, page 25.
After decades of piecemeal progress, the science of cryogenically storing human organs is warming up, page 71.
Содержание номера
«The Economist» за 6 февраля 2016

The world this week

  1. Europe's refugees
    • How to manage the migrant crisis
  2. Interest rates
    • Negative creep
  3. Libya
    • The third front
  4. Britain and the EU
    • The accidental Europhile
  5. HSBC's domicile dilemma
    • Asian dissuasion
  1. On economics, American politics, immigration, divorce, oil, Donald Trump
  1. Europe's migrant crisis
    • Forming an orderly queue
  2. Schengen's impact
    • Putting up barriers
  1. Democracy in Myanmar
    • A new parliament opens
  2. Asian nuclear weapons
    • A race beneath the seas
  3. North Korean missiles
    • Going ballistic again
  4. Politics in Japan
    • Negative rates, positive polls
  5. Banyan
    • Singapore and the art of political survival
  1. Financial fraud
    • Xi's Ponzi worries
  2. Television news
    • Evening propaganda
  3. Diplomatic insults
    • How feelings get hurt
United States
  1. Ted Cruz
    • The man in the ostrich-skin boots
  2. Iowa and beyond
    • Trump bumped
  3. The campaigns
    • Heard on the trail
  4. Ben Carson
    • Green grass roots
  5. Political advertising
    • A bit MEH
  6. School choice
    1. A lottery to lose
  7. Confederate monuments
    • Recast in stone
  8. Lexington
    • Falling towards Hillary
The Americas
  1. Mining in Latin America
    • Conflict and co-operation
  2. Miners and aboriginals in Canada
    • I'll see you in court
  3. Bello
    • The endgame in Venezuela
Special report: Turkey
  1. Erdogan's new sultanate
    1. After page 42
Middle East and Africa
  1. Jihadists in Libya
    • Islamic State
  2. Jordan
    • At boiling point
  3. Algeria
    • Who is in charge?
  4. The International Criminal Court
    • Mutual protection
  5. Kenya's flower trade
    • Leaving on a jet plane
  1. France's Socialists
    • Macron the iconoclast
  2. Migrants and youth
    • Girl, not abducted
  3. German Russophiles
    • Bear-backers
  4. Russia and Chechnya
    • Putin's enforcer
  5. Charlemagne
    • The safe-harbour battle
  1. The EU referendum
    • Slings and arrows
  2. The elderly
    • Shades of grey
  3. Bagehot
    • London's next mayor
  1. Call centres
    • The end of the line
  2. Night shifts and health
    • I'll sleep when I'm dead
  1. The consumer v the corporation
    • Handling disputes
  2. Oil companies
    • In the dark ages
  3. The chemicals industry
    • Bad romance
  4. Agribusiness
    • Feeding the dragon
  5. Alphabet
    • Of profits and prophesies
  6. Corporate hegemony
    • The dominant dozen
  7. Pilot Flying J
    • A truck-stop recovery
  8. Schumpeter
    • Succession in the Gulf
Finance and economics
  1. London v Hong Kong
    • HSBC's dilemma
  2. Buttonwood
    • Valuing equities
  3. Argentina's debts
    • Feeding the vultures
  4. Klarna
    • From payments to banking
  5. The American consumer
    • Still kicking
  6. Finland's economy
    • Permafrost
  7. Free exchange
    • Making trade work
Science and technology
  1. Organ preservation
    • Wait not in vain
  2. Guinea-worm disease
    • Going, going...
  3. Voice-powered devices
    • Good vibrations
  4. Doping
    • No more horsing around
  5. Winging it
    • Convergent evolution
  6. The scientific method
    • Let's just try that again
Books and arts
  1. Chamber music
    • Four into one does go
  2. Egypt's uprising
    • Reading Piketty on the Nile
  3. Latin's Greek roots
    • Once upon a time
  4. Neurosurgeon's farewell
    • As he lay dying
  5. A Jewish memoir
    • England, my England
  6. Art and the internet
    • When new grows old
Economic and financial indicators
  1. Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters
  1. Henry Worsley
    • In Shackleton's shadow

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