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The Economist - 13 февраля 2016

Скачать бесплатно журнал The Economist - 13 февраля 2016 года.Год выпуска: февраль 2016

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 88

Описание: The argument for legalising cannabis has been won. Now for the difficult bit: leader, page 7. A growing number of countries are deciding to ditch prohibition. What comes after that? Pages 16-18. Atycoon snake-oil seller and an aged leftie won the first primary. Oh dear, page 25. To understand the Republican race, turn on the radio: Lexington, page 30. Health-care costs and high taxes would sink the Sanders economic plan, page 26.
Governments should stop building dams on the mother of rivers: leader, page 10. Can one of the world's great waterways survive its development? Pages 40-45.
Air travel in Africa is needlessly hard and costly. Open skies would make it cheaper: leader, page 9. Africa is ripe for air travel. A pity its governments are holding it back, page 35.
Violent unrest suggests a need for political cures: leader, page 8. Cross-border transport links are overshadowed by political fears, page 23.
Lenders have endured a traumatic week. The problems run deepest in Italy: leader, page 8. European banks are in the eye of a new financial storm, page 65. Investors are reassessing yet another complicated financial instrument, page 67. Parsing the gold market, page 67.
To find true love, it helps to understand the economic principles underpinning the search: Free exchange, page 70.
Waves of gravity turn up a century after Albert Einstein predicted them, page 73.
Содержание номера
«The Economist» за 13 февраля 2016

The world this week

  1. Regulating cannabis
    • The right way to do drugs
  2. Hong Kong
    • Wounded society
  3. European banks
    • Borrowed time
  4. Travel in Africa
    • Let Africans fly
  5. The Mekong river
    • Damned if you do
  1. On Arab investment, electricity, restrooms, citizenship, dedicated subscriber, punk, collaboration
  1. Legalising cannabis
    • Reeferegulatory challenge
  1. North Korea and the world
    • Between Punxsutawney and Pyongyang
  2. Tasmania's new course
    • Water into wine
  3. Tasmania's forests
    • Saving the swift parrot
  4. Banyan
    • The ASEAN-Obama love-in
  1. Hong Kong and the mainland
    • Troubled transport schemes
  2. Rioting erupts
    • Street violence and politics
  3. Corruption
    • Portrait of a purge
United States
  1. New Hampshire
    • Trumped and Berned
  2. Sanders' economic policy
    • A vote for what?
  3. Trump's German roots
    • Kallstadt's king
  4. The campaigns
    • Heard on the trail
  5. Libertarians
    • Live free, or try
  6. Climate change
    • Supreme emissions
  7. The defence budget
    • Mr Carter places his bets
  8. Lobsters
    • Shell shock
  9. Lexington
    • The talk-radio election
The Americas
  1. Argentina's statistics
    • An Augean stable
  2. Bello
    • Towards universal health care
  3. What Cubans think of Cruz and Rubio
    • Not much
  4. Currencies
    • Border bazaar
Middle East and Africa
  1. Aviation in Africa
    • Departure delayed
  2. Saving Africa's rhinos
    • Dogs beat drones
  3. The veil in west Africa
    • Banning the burqa
  4. Syria's war
    • Assad on the offensive
  5. The Mosul dam
    • A watery time-bomb
  1. Introduction
    • Requiem for a river
  2. Chapter one
    • A world receding
  3. Chapter two
    • The vanishing 4,000
  4. Chapter three
    • Fathers and sons
  5. Chapter four
    • The delta
  1. Corruption in Ukraine
    • Friends in high places
  2. Smoking in France
    • Puffing along
  3. Spanish politics
    • Back to the bullring
  4. Germany and refugees
    • Is the welcome culture legal?
  5. Russians in London
    • Government in exile
  6. Charlemagne
    • Britain and the EU
  1. The tax code
    • Spaghettijunction
  2. Brexit
    • Budgetary bust-ups
  3. Bagehot
    • Cameron the diplomat
  1. Coral in peril
    • How to save it
  2. Corals in the South China Sea
    • A thousand cuts
  1. Railways in America
    • Doing the locomotion
  2. France's almighty bosses
    • In praise of the splits
  3. Twitter
    • Clunky Dorsey
  4. Japanese companies
    • Sharp elbows
  5. Foxconn
    • Pointed questions
  6. Indian business
    • Crossing the desert
  7. Turkish wine producers
    • Sour grapes
  8. Drone-racing
    • Whizz kids
  9. Schumpeter
    • Diversity fatigue
Finance and economics
  1. Falling bank shares
    • Atempest of fear
  2. Buttonwood
    • Central bankers' put options
  3. Deutsche Bank
    • Discomforting brew
  4. Gold
    • A hedge against ignorance
  5. Lesbians' wage premium
    • Girl power
  6. Sri Lanka's economy
    • Taxing times
  7. Free exchange
    • Optimising romance
Science and technology
  1. Gravitational waves
    • Merger and acquisition
  2. Neanderthals and disease
    • A Parthian shot
  3. Bacterial vision
    • Go towards the light
  4. Livers and alcohol
    • Bugs in the system
  5. Air quality
    • In the air tonight
Books and arts
  1. Pandemic
    • Global contagion
  2. Proust as a graphic novel
    • Second bite of the madeleine
  3. The art of the con
    • Fool me once
  4. Johnson
    • Double-edged words
  5. Sex in the sea
    • Kama Sutra meets Jacques Cousteau
  6. A Holocaust memoir
    • Dear father
Economic and financial indicators
  1. Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at defence budgets
  1. Mamn Minsky
    • Mind and machine

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