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The Economist - 20 февраля 2016

Скачать бесплатно журнал The Economist - 20 февраля 2016 года.Год выпуска: февраль 2016

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 100

Описание: Central bankers are running down their arsenal. But other options exist to stimulate the economy: leader, page 7. Policymakers in rich economies need to consider radical remedies for the next downturn, pages 14-17. A vital chunk of the world economy is beset by weakness, page 59. Central bankers have failed to convince their sceptical audiences: Free exchange, page 65. The Supreme Court's most outspoken conservative died this week: Obituary, page 78. The Senate should give Barack Obama's nominee for the courta fair hearing: leader, page 8. The battle to come will reflect a court divided over ideology as never before, page 25.
The presidential candidate's business affairs are an enigma, page 28. Can the other billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, reform two-party politics? Lexington, page 30.
Russian daring and American weakness have changed the course of the war in Syria — for the worse: leader, page 9. Russian bombers have brought the Assad regime within sight of victory, but the bloodshed and the dangers are growing, page 34. Two visitors remember a vanished country, page 71.
The generals who seized power have come up with a new plan for saving their country from democracy, page 18.
China is ill-prepared for a terrible consequence of its ageing population: the rise of dementia, page 22.
A new wave of mobile technology is on its way, and it will bring dramatic change, page 53.
Their story of hereditary power is lubricious and cruel, page 69.
Содержание номера
«The Economist» за 20 февраля 2016

The world this week

  1. The world economy
    • Out of ammo?
  2. The South China Sea
    • Sunnylands, cloudy waters
  3. America's Supreme
    • Court After Scalia
  4. The war in Syria
    • The peril of inaction
  5. Reforming FIFA
    • SEC as a parrot
  1. On refugees, Europe, brains, China, the Cleveland Browns, millennials
  1. Fighting the next recession
    • Unfamiliar ways forward Asia
  2. Thailand's coup politics
    • Twentieth time lucky?
  3. Politics in the Maldives
    • Archipelago of ire
  4. Alcohol in India
    • Barmy booze bureaucracy
  5. Media freedom in Japan
    • Anchors away
  6. South Korea and its neighbours
    • The poor relations
  1. Dementia
    • The burden of ageing
  2. Trees in Hong Kong
    • Athreatened species
  3. Left-behind children
    • The government responds
  4. Banyan
    • A gala for Xi
United States
  1. The Supreme Court
    • Courting controversy
  2. South Carolina
    • Bush land no more
  3. Sanders and black voters
    • Slow Bern
  4. The campaigns
    • Heard on the trail
  5. Analysing Trump Inc
    • From the Tower to the White House
  6. Lexington
    • Bloomberg's moment
The Americas
  1. Bolivia's referendum
    • They think it's all Evo
  2. Venezuela's debt
    • Praying to pay
  3. Jamaica's election
    • Let them eat goat
  4. Bello
    • Rigging Peru's election
Middle East and Africa
  1. Putin's war in Syria
    • Why would he stop now?
  2. Counting the dead
    • Syria's ghastly toll
  3. Elections in Iran
    • The great candidate cull
  4. Students in South Africa
    • Whiteness burning
  5. Elections in Uganda
    • No jam today
  1. Anti-austerity politics
    • Fudging the revolution
  2. Russia's lawless economy
    • Night of the long scoops
  3. French politics
    • Comeback skid
  4. Europe's civil courts
    • The slow wheels of justice
  5. Charlemagne
    • How Europe lost Turkey
  1. Wales
    • Full steam ahead?
  2. Hotels v Airbnb
    • Build and they will come
  3. Bagehot
    • Explaining Euroscepticism
  1. Tax evasion
    • The biggest loophole of all
  2. Secrecy in Panama
    • The problem child
  1. Mobile telecoms
    • The advent of 5G
  2. Mining
    • Core ores
  3. Apple's encryption battle
    • Tim Cook, privacy martyr?
  4. Breakfast cereals
    • Soggy sales
  5. Bombardier
    • Plane truths
  6. Greek businesses
    • An actual Grexit
  7. Schumpeter
    • Performance reviews
Finance and economics
  1. Manufacturing
    • A hard pounding
  2. Buttonwood
    • Liquidity and markets
  3. Low interest rates (1)
    • Japan turns negative
  4. Low interest rates (2)
    • Insurance suffers
  5. Oil
    • A Saudi-Russian accord
  6. The gig economy
    • Smooth operators
  7. Hedge funds
    • Not dead, just resting
  8. Free exchange
    • Central-bank credibility
Science and technology
  1. The AAAS
    • Cassava-nova
  2. Immunology
    • Mr T-cell
  3. Genetic engineering
    • CRISPR crunch
  4. Analysing art
    • Light, relief
Books and arts
  1. The Romanov dynasty
    • Long they ruled
  2. Julia Ward Howe
    • Her truth marches on
  3. American Utopianism
    • Short-lived, much loved
  4. Syrian court music
    • Song of Aleppo
  5. Damascus
    • Love story
  6. Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun
    • Woman of the world
Economic and financial indicators
  1. Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at food prices
  1. Antonin Scalia
    • Always right

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