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The Economist - 05 марта 2016

Скачать бесплатно журнал The Economist - 05 марта 2016 года.Год выпуска: март 2016

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 88

Описание: Although the prospectfills many Americans with horror, the race also offers a faint promise of something better: leader, page 9. On Super Tuesday Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won seven states apiece, page 23. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties are in a mess, page 26. For Republicans, MrTrump poses a character test: Lexington, page 28. The 2016 campaign raises questions for political science, page 77. Voters gave a vigorous thumbs-down to the hardliners. If only voting mattered more in Iran: leader, page 13. A boost for reform, buta long way still to go, page 43.
Germany'sillusions have been shattered by the modern world: Charlemagne, page 51.
Not only Malaysians should be worried about a divisive prime minister: leader, page 13. As Najib Razak digs in, disillusion grows, page 33. Investigators in several countries are trying to get to the bottom of a growing corruption scandal, page 34.
The battle for India's e-commerce marketis aboutmuch more than retailing: leader, page 10. In the next 15 years India will see more people move online than any other country. E-commerce firms are battling for their custom, pages 19-21.
Borrowing in dollars is central to the business cycle in developing countries, page 65. Russia taps international debt markets, page 67. Afterits debt binge, China cannot escape a reckoning: Free exchange, page 71.
German carmaker will emerge from its emissions scandal largely unscathed. That is bad news for a firm in need of an overhaul, page 57.
Children need protection from high-impact sports like rugby and American football: leader, page 14. Science is taking big steps toward understanding the impact of concussion, page 73.
Содержание номера
«The Economist» за 05 марта 2016

  1. America's primaries
    • Battle lines
  2. E-commerce
    • India online
  3. Iran's election
    • Against the reactionaries
  4. Malaysia's prime minister
    • The Najib effect
  5. Concussion
    • Schools and hard knocks
  1. On cannabis, freedom of press, American politics, diversity, Brexit, language, Cornwall
  1. Online retailing in India
  2. The great race
United States
  1. Super Tuesday
    • Goodbye, Rubio Tuesday
  2. Abortion
    • Back in court
  3. The campaigns
    • Heard on the trail
  4. Primaries
    • The party declines
  5. Lexington
    • Cosying up to Trump
The Americas
  1. Argentina's debt
    • A deal at last
  2. Canadian foreign policy
    • Trudeaumania 2
  3. Americans in Canada
    • Border babies v the IRS
  4. Bello
    • Zika and the Olympics
  1. Scandals in Malaysia
    • The art of survival
  2. Malaysia's 1MDB affair
    • Followthe money
  3. Sanctions on North Korea
    • Big bother
  4. Intolerance in Pakistan
    • A game of dare
  5. Banyan
    • Patriotism, Indian style
  1. A new economic plan
    • The distraction of politics
  2. Hong Kong's future
    • A doom-filled film
Middle East and Africa
  1. Iran
    • Mr Rohani's victory
  2. Syria's fragile truce
    • Too many holes to last
  3. Lebanon
    • When elephants battle
  4. Egyptian television hosts
    • Sisi's mouthpieces
  5. Electricity in Nigeria
    • Lights out
  6. Film-making in Uganda
    • Lights, camera, no budget
  7. African migration
    • To the land of good hope
  1. France's labour reforms
    • No more nine-to-four
  2. The Irish election
    • Fragged
  3. Refugees in Greece
    • Rising tide
  4. Regulating pesticides
    • Fog of uncertainty
  5. Charlemagne
    • Germany's myth of the Heile Welt
  1. Transport infrastructure
    • Life in the slow lane
  2. Brexit brief
    • In, out, find a fib to shout
  3. Bagehot
    • Tory unity in disunity
  1. Internet governance
    • We, the networks
  2. The IETF
    • Mother of consensus
  1. Volkswagen
    • Emission impossible
  2. Aubrey McClendon
    • Death of a shale pioneer
  3. Our glass-ceiling index
    • Still a man's world
  4. Road haulage
    • The appy trucker
  5. Italian coffee firms
    • Not so espresso
  6. Schumpeter
    • America's rust-belt revival
Finance and economics
  1. Emerging-market debt
    • The well runs dry
  2. Buttonwood
    • 4,000 years of investing
  3. Russia issues a bond
    • Toe in the water
  4. High-denomination banknotes
    • Cash talk
  5. Barclays Africa
    • Capital in fetters
  6. The euro-zone economy
    • The new mediocre
  7. Bilking investors
    • America's crooked financial advisers
  8. Free exchange
    • China's debt binge
Science and technology
  1. Concussion
    • Bang to rights
  2. Rogue waves
    • Incoming!
  3. The internet of things
    • Passive voice
  4. Economics as a science
    • A far from dismal outcome
  5. Social media
    • The medium is the messengers
Books and arts
  1. America's election
    • Atestfor political science
  2. New horizons
    • The art world discovers Africa
Economic and financial indicators
  1. Statistics on 42 economies, plus our monthly poll of forecasters
  1. Eric "Winkle" Brown
    • Know your enemy

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