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The Economist - 12 марта 2016

Скачать бесплатно журнал The Economist - 12 марта 2016.Год выпуска: март 2016

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 104

Описание: The era of predictable improvement in computer hardware is ending. What comes next? Leader, page 11. After a glorious 50 years, Moore's law—which states that computer power doubles every two years at the same cost—is running out of steam. Tim Cross asks what might replace it: Technology Quarterly, after page 44. Win or lose, a computer program's showdown against a professional Go player is another milestone in AI, page 73. A European bargain with Turkeyis controversial, but offers the best hope of ending migrant chaos: leader, page 14. The dealwith Turkey was born of political desperation and faces many practical, legaland ethical difficulties, page 49.
The geography of inequality
America's most successful cities, states and firms are leaving the rest behind, page 25.
Justice, not political war, should determine th e fate of Brazi l's government: leader, page 12. The charging of a former president makes a tense situation even more fraught, page 33.
In leaning towards stimulus ratherthan reform, China's leaders are storing up trouble: leader, page 13. The government's economic plan for the next five years will not live up to its promise,page42. House prices are soaring in big cities, but oversupply still plagues much of the country, page 67. Melodious love-offeringsforXi Jinping,page 43.
After many wasted years, African agriculture is improving quickly. Howto keep thattrend going: leader, page 12. The farms of Africa are prospering thanks to persistence, technology, population growth and decent government, pages 21-23.
The lessons from 100 years of a family's industrial empire, page 62.
In Saudi Arabia progress for women is going into reverse under the new king, page 45. Feminist economics deserves recognition as a distinct branch of the discipline: Free exchange, page 72.
Содержание номера
«The Economist» за 12 марта 2016

  1. After Moore's law
    • The future of computing
  2. The Petrobras scandal
    • Interrogating Lula
  3. Farming in Africa
    • Miracle grow
  4. China's economy
    • Ore-inspiring
  5. Europe's migrant crisis
    • A messy but necessary deal
  1. On Donald Trump, the Maldives, English law firms, Gaelic games
  1. African agriculture
    • A green evolution
United States
  1. Varieties of inequality
    • The great divergence
  2. Injustice
    • The ruin of many a poor boy
  3. Polling flops
    • Mich-fire
  4. Heard on the trail
    • GOP souvenir edition
  5. The primaries
    • Trump done well
  6. Becoming an astronaut
    • Mice in their million hordes
  7. Lexington
    • Cuban-Americans
The Americas
  1. Brazil's political crisis
    • Lula under fire
  2. Caribbean prisons
    • Blue seas, black holes
  3. Antiquities in Latin America
    • Returning the hatchet
  4. Bello
    • The return of inflation
  1. The Philippines' election
    • A family affair
  2. Politics in Kiribati
    • Making waves
  3. Religion in India
    • Holy noodles
  4. Taiwanese identity
    • Multiculti roots
  5. Japanese politics
    • Abe agonistes
  6. Banyan
    • Asia not gloating, but fretting
  1. A new five-year plan
    • Unlucky for some
  2. Political music
    • Praising Xi in song
  3. Carbon emissions
    • Modest targets
  4. Trade with North Korea
    • What sanctions?
Technology Quarterly
  1. After page 44
Middle East and Africa
  1. Women in Saudi Arabia
    • One step forward, one step back
  2. Transport in the Middle East
    • In a jam
  3. Equatorial Guinea
    • Palace in the jungle
  4. Rwanda
    • The Kagame dilemma
  5. Energy in Rwanda
    • What lies beneath Lake Kivu
  1. Europe and Turkey
    • A new migration deal
  2. German state elections
    • Mutti's challenge
  3. Nadia Savchenko
    • A modern martyr
  4. Italy's Five Star Movement
    • Smartening up
  5. Charlemagne
    • The necessity of culture
  1. Britain and the EU
    • Next stop: Brexit?
  2. Illegal immigration
    • Channel hopping
  3. Aston Martin and McLaren
    • Speed merchants
  4. Bagehot
    • The meaning of the Gogglebox
  1. Civil servants
    • Mandarin lessons
  2. Exam-cramming in India
    • Turn over your papers...now
  1. Healthcare
    • Things are looking app
  2. Fracking companies
    • DUC and cover
  3. Royal Enfield
    • Approved by mothers-in-law
  4. The Wallenberg group
    • A Nordic pyramid
  5. BMW at 100
    • Bavarian rhapsody
  6. Retailing
    • Shops to showrooms
  7. Schumpeter
    • Mexico keeps the faith in globalisation
Finance and economics
  1. Chinese property
    • For whom the bubble blows
  2. Buttonwood
    • High tech, low finance
  3. America's economy
    • Inflation rises, unnoticed
  4. Commodities
    • Steel chrysanthemums
  5. Greek banks
    • On the front line
  6. Financing divorce
    • Till debt us do part
  7. Discount brokerages
    • Free trade
  8. Free exchange
    • Feminist economics
Science and technology
  1. Artificial intelligence
    • The Go showdown
  2. Early human diets
    • Without fire?
  3. African science
    • Crucible
  4. The internet of things
    • Cool beans
Books and arts
  1. Singapore, a graphic novel
    • Lion City march
  2. British political biography
    • The shredding of Tony Blair
  3. Mervyn King and the financial crisis
    • End of alchemy
  4. Rebooting India
    • Economics 2.0
  5. Johnson
    • The @rt of punctuation
Economic and financial indicators
  1. Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at employment
  1. Nancy Reagan
    • Keeping control

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