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The Economist - 26 марта 2016

Скачать бесплатно журнал The Economist - 26 марта 2016.Год выпуска: март 2016

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 96

Описание: On the cover — Big firms in the United States have never had it so good. Time for more competition: leader, page 11. The barriers to entry protecting American business, pages 23-26.
Terror — Europe has suffered another series of murderous attacks by jihadists. They will not be the last: leader, page 12. After a top fugitive is arrested, Islamic State strikes again, page 47. France is realising that its state of emergency may last a long time, page 48.
Crisis in Brazil
— The time has come for a tarnished president to resign: leader, page 13. Dilma Rousseff's chances of remaining in office are diminishing by the day, page 40. Lula's fall from grace: Bello, page 42. The economy is crumbling but giant pulp firms are booming, page 59.
Trump and the world — If Donald Trump wins the nomination he is likely to ditch half a century of Republican thinking on foreign policy, page 33.
Andy Grove — Intel's first employee, who died on March 21st, was at the heart of the computer revolution: Schumpeter, page 62.
Lessons from Chongqing — Rural residents are largely shut out of China's booming property market. That is a mistake: leader, page 14. An ambitious plan for social change has run into trouble, page 31.
Vaccination paradox — Some Western countries have lower vaccination rates than poor parts of Africa. Anti-vaxxers are not the main culprits, page 55. A jab to ward off cervical cancer is standard for girls. Should boys have it, too? Page 56.
Technology and politics — Social media have made the world more democratic — for now: leader, page 16. Easier communications and big data are transforming politics, see our special report after page 42. How the internet lost its free spirit, page 73.
  1. American business
    • The problem with profits
  2. Bombings in Brussels
    • The new normal
  3. Brazil's political crisis
    • Time to go
  4. Reform in rural China
    • Sell up, move on
  5. Welfare cuts
    • Two-nation Britain
  6. Technology and politics
    • Bits and ballots
  1. On American politics, companies, migrants, glyphosate, Malaysia, the semicolon
  1. Business in America
    • Too much of a good thing
  1. Australian politics
    • Turnbull's big gamble
  2. Money laundering in the Philippines
    • Walls of silence
  3. China and Taiwan
    • The Gambia gambit
  4. South Korea and wartime sex slaves
    • Kindred spirits
  5. The South China
    • Sea China v the rest
  1. Urbanisation
    • Chongqing's troubled reforms
United States
  1. Trump and the world
    • Don't deal with it
  2. The primaries
    • Heard on the trail
  3. College endowments
    • Yard sale
  4. Deporting child migrants
    • Self-defence
  5. Western primaries
    • Mormons against the Donald
  6. Haitian-Americans
    • The Creole caucuses
  7. Lex'ngton
    • The meaning of blue jeans
The Americas
  1. Brazil's political crisis
    • The president totters
  2. Canada's budget
    • Globalisation with a human face
  3. Obama in Cuba
    • A historic visit
  4. Bello
    • The drama of Lula
Special report: Technology and politics
  1. The signal and the noise
    • After page 42
Middle East and Africa
  1. Oil and the Gulf states
    • After the party
  2. Yemen
    • Fighting to a standstill
  3. The Kurds
    • Containing multitudes
  4. Apostasy and Islam
    • Not advised
  5. Unrest in Ethiopia
    • Grumbling and rumbling
  6. The press in east Africa
    • Pencil blunted
  1. After Brussels
    • Not again
  2. Terrorism in France
    • The long emergency
  3. Turkey and the EU
    • Migrants and bombs
  4. Spain without government
    • Stuck in the centre
  5. What Europeans think of each other
    • Happiness envy
  6. Charlemagne
    • Ireland and Brexit
  1. Fiscal policy
    • In it together?
  2. Brexit brief
    • Unfavourable trade winds
  3. Bagehot
    • The divided, ruling Tories
  1. Vaccination
    • A jab in time
  2. HPV vaccines
    • The cost of embarrassment
  1. Digital advertising
    • Invisible ads, phantom readers
  2. Mobile advertising
    • Shine, but not rise
  3. Electronics
    • Taiwan 2.0
  4. Pulp producers in Brazil
    • Money that grows on trees
  5. Electricity in Indonesia
    • Shock therapy
  6. Television
    • Changing the channel
  7. Schumpeter
    • Andy Grove, the man who put Intel inside
Finance and economics
  1. Asset managers
    • The tide turns
  2. Buttonwood
    • Inequality v small government
  3. Investing in South Korea
    • Losing faith
  4. Gold in India
    • A tarnished appeal
  5. Kenyan coffee
    • Abitter harvest
  6. Chinese economic data
    • Fudge-ocracy
  7. Peer-to-peer lending
    • A ripple of fear
  8. Free exchange
    • Markets and the Fed
Science and technology
  1. Clinical trials
    • For my next trick...
  2. Urban planning
    • Listen up
  3. The sociology of science
    • In death, there is life
  4. Ecology
    • Pictures of guilly
  5. Software engineering
    • Spaghetti code
  6. Dermatology
    • Rainbow's beginning
Books and arts
  1. Splinternet
    • The evolution of the world wide web
  2. Existentialism
    • Smokey and the bandits
  3. The future of China
    • Chronicle of a death foretold
  4. International Pop Art
    • Far and wide
  5. Johnson
    • Noam Chomsky
Economic and financial indicators
  1. Statistics on 42 economies, plus a closer look at Poland's performance in the OECD
  1. Hilary Putnam
    • The meaning of meaning

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