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The Economist - 27 октября 2018

Скачать бесплатно журнал The Economist, 27 октября 2018

Год выпуска: октябрь 2018

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF, EPUB (журнал на английском языке)

Количество страниц: 96

Описание: The stellar performance of the Australian economy holds encouraging lessons for the rest of the world: leader, page 11, and special report after page 44.

Trump and the caravan

America's president is wrong about Central American migrants. The Democrats are incoherent, page 12. The large group of would-be migrants gives Mr Trump something to talk about before mid-term elections, page 36.

How to protect Brazil's democracy

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's probable next president, has authoritarian instincts that must be contained, page 12.
He is reviving Latin America's unholy marriage between market economics and political authoritarianism, page 34.

The case against gender self-identification

Often cited as a matter of trans people's civil rights, it is more problematic than many advocates realise, page 14. Campaigners say that only individuals can know their gender. Others want the state to have a role, page 20.

Drone deliveries take off

From the Arctic to the equator, delivering goods by drone no longer seems as fanciful as once it did, page 74.

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