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The Economist - 9 мая 2020

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Год выпуска: май 2020

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 88

A dangerous gap: The markets v the real economy

Financial markets have got out of whack with the economy. Something has to give: leader, page 7. The contrast between a perky equity market and a depressed economy, page 59. Credit-rating agencies are back under the spotlight, page 57. Losses by central banks are nothing to fear: Free exchange, page 63.

Can the food system cope with covid?

  • Markets, ingenuity and open borders have kept the world fed. Don't take that for granted: leader, page 8 and briefing, page 13.

Latin America's first millennial dictator

  • Nayib Bukele is weakening institutions and empowering his family: leader, page 9 and analysis, page 33.

How the pandemic is changing science

  • Covid-19 has caused scientists to work faster: leader, page 10. In the long run, it could permanently alter how science is published, page 64.

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