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The Economist - 10 октября 2020

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Год выпуска: октябрь 2020

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 96

Winners and losers: How covid-19 is reordering the global economy

The pandemic has created big performance disparities between the world's economies. They could get even larger: leader, page 11. How covid-19 will accelerate change: see our special report afterpage 42. The number of new businesses in America is growing, page 26; as are lay-offs, page 27.

America's other election drama

  • In the midst of the pandemic, the plague of voter suppression spreads: leader, page 12, and analysis, page 25.

Defending Taiwan: harder and costlie

  • And much bloodier, page 32.

Ant Group and the rise of digital finance

  • The blockbuster listing of the Chinese upstart shows how fintech is revolutionising finance: leader, page 16 and briefing, page 19.
  • Covid-19 and the fintech revolution, page 61.

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