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The Economist - 3 апреля 2021

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Год выпуска: апрель 2021

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 72

Message in a bottleneck: Don't give up on globalisation

  • Modern supply chains are still a source of strength: leader, page 9.
  • A spat over cotton portends more trouble for Western firms in China, page50.
  • Intel as a national champion: Schumpeter, page 55.
  • Rare earths and the national interest, page 58.

The eu and covid: what's gone wrong?

  • The European Union has handled covid-19 poorly. Why, and what does it mean for the union? Leader, page io, and briefing, pages 15-19.
  • What America's rapid recovery tells Europe: Free exchange, page 62.

How to fix Israeli politics

  • Get rid of Binyamin Netanyahu: leader, page 11.
  • The complicated dance to unseat him as prime minister, page 37.

The other greenhouse gas

  • Governments should set targets to reduce methane emissions: leader, page 11, and analysis, page 63.

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