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Bloomberg Businessweek (October 3, 2022)

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Год выпуска: October 3, 2022

Автор: Bloomberg Businessweek Europe

Жанр: Бизнес

Издательство: «Bloomberg Businessweek Europe»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Количество страниц: 60

Описание: The mighty dollar is steamrolling everything right now, causing issues for economies almost everywhere-except the US. That means that, for now at least, it’s not America’s problem and the historic central-bank-fueled surge in the greenback is unlikely to abate soon.

If Lula Wins

  • A Bolsonaro defeat would have huge climate implications, well beyond Brazil

Wanna Buy a Frank Gehry Condo?

  • At 93, the master architect is wading into a building boom at a really hard time

Google’s Newfangled Old-Fashioned Opioid Treatment

  • Verily focuses on the data, but it's the personal touch that makes a difference


  • The pound gets pounded
  • Nord Stream
  • Hurricane Ian


  • Biden's other lending reform, and what’s wrong with it


  • A frigid EU winter
  • US auto sales
  • World's best bars


  • Economic desperation is bringing big government back


  • Needed: More research monkeys. China’s hoarding them
  • Expanding across Africa is harder than Shoprite thought


  • In Silicon Valley, real friends back each others' startups
  • How TikTok is dealing with Washington’s massive distrust


  • The dollar is sailing. Other currencies are miserable
  • The Fed's anti-inflation strategy: Now, this is going to hurt
  • As rates rise, cash is king again


  • The deep anger in Iran isn’t just about dress codes
  • Germans fight shrinkflation—smaller package, same price


  • Big Pharma is circling around safer blood thinners
  • Oximeters, vital to Covid care, are racially biased
  • For mental health patients, more welcoming ERs


  • How a top stunt driver got her Porsche, and other car tales
  • After the earliest wine season ever, reasons to lift a glass
  • Madeira, a world of adventure crammed onto one island
  • Home-cooked meals more lip-smacking than Uber Eats’
  • Dyson’s latest: It purifies! It humidifies! It cools!


Americans are on the move-to cheaper cities

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