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The Economist - 23 января 2016

Скачать бесплатно журнал The Economist - 23 января 2016 года.Год выпуска: январь 2016

Автор: The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group

Жанр: Экономика/Политика

Издательство: «The Economist Newspaper Ltd»

Формат: PDF (журнал на английском языке)

Качество: OCR

Количество страниц: 96

Описание: Low energy prices ought to be a shot in the arm. Think again: leader, page 9. Plunging prices have neither halted oil production nor stimulated a surge in global growth, pages 17-19. Iran's economy has great potential, but will it be realised? Page 39. Russia's problems shift from acute to chronic, page 66. Stockmarket woes worsen, page 65. Venezuela's president and its opposition struggle to fix the economy, page 35. Barack Obama's administration began with a vision to get rid of nuclear weapons. Today it has a $1 trillion plan to renew them, page 29.
Turkey's president must give up trying to crush the Kurds. Instead, he should reopen peace talks: leader, page 10. A campaign against the PKK turns south-eastern Turkey into a war zone, page 45.
The world's young are an oppressed minority. Unleash them: leader, page 10. The millennials are the brainiest, best-educated generation ever. Yet their elders often stop them from reaching their full potential. See our special report after page 42. Taiwan's next president courts the young, page 21.
Charismatic Christianity thrives among people on the move, page 53. Belief in divine punishment may be a useful evolutionary adaptation that helps humans overcome selfishness, page 76.
China wants to become a silicon superpower, and plans to spend colossal sums to achieve its goal, page 57.
Persistent ideological divisions undermine the value of economics: Free exchange, page 70. The fashion for making employees collaborate has gone too far: Schumpeter, page 63.
Brash, worldly and wickedly funny, Eka Kurniawan may be South-East Asia's most ambitious writer in a generation, page 75. The eastern fringe of the Muslim world worries about Islamic State's influence, page 22.
Содержание номера
«The Economist» за 23 января 2016

The world this week

  1. The world economy
    • Who's afraid of cheap oil?
  2. Turkey's war on the Kurds
    • Futile repression
  3. Taiwan's election
    • Dear prudence
  4. Intelligence oversight
    • Snoopers and scrutiny
  5. The millennial generation
    • Young, gifted and held back
  1. On Saudi Arabia, rating police, David Bowie, investing, Poland
  1. Oil and the economy
    • The oil conundrum
  1. Taiwan's election
    • ATsai becomes a cheer
  2. East Asia's talent agencies
    • Penal colonies
  3. Security in South-East Asia
    • After Jakarta
  4. Terrorism in Pakistan
    • Shady war, shadow peace
  5. Fiji's tainted politics
    • Corking the genie
  6. Banyan
    • Hallucinations across the Taiwan Strait
  1. Family relationships
    • The rise of divorce
  2. China and the Middle East
    • A rare presidential tour
United States
  1. Nuclear weapons
    • Cruise control
  2. The changing electorate
    • No we can't
  3. Poisoned water
    • That Flinty taste
  4. Wage insurance
    • Creative compensation
  5. University teachers
    • Ratings agency
  6. Roy Moore
    • The prophet of decline
  7. Lexington
    • Karl Rove's history class
The Americas
  1. Venezuela's crisis
    • Heading for a crash
  2. Caribbean tourism
    • Bankruptcy in the Bahamas
  3. Bolivian women
    • Feminism v faith
  4. Bello
    • The success of Plan Colombia
Middle East and Africa
  1. Iran's economy
    • The peace dividend
  2. Israel and Islamic State
    • The caliphate eyes the Holy Land
  3. Egypt's crackdown
    • Remember, remember
  4. Floating armouries
    • Cruisin' with guns
  5. Kenyan politics
    • Rifts in the Rift
Special report: The young
  1. Generation uphill
    • After page 42
  1. Turkey and the Kurds
    • Widening the conflict
  2. Religious diplomacy
    • Turkey's mosqued objectives
  3. Bosnia's new visitors
    • Ottoman comfort
  4. Renzi and the EU
    • Troublemaker
  5. Charlemagne
    • An ill wind for Merkel
  1. The snoopers' charter
    • Of warrants and watchers
  2. Petition against Trump
    • Not welcome
  3. Pension policy
    • A tangled web
  4. Bagehot
    • Dominic Cummings, an optimistic Eurosceptic
  1. Pentecostalism...
    • Ecstasy and exodus
  2. ...in Brazil...
    • Modesty and ostentation
  3. ...and in South Korea
    • Down the mountain
  1. Semiconductors
    • Chips on their shoulders
  2. Airlines in America...
    • A cosy club
  3. ...and in Europe
    • Don't get carried away
  4. Engineering firms
    • Hanging loose
  5. Vietnamese companies
    • Gold stars
  6. Media
    • Easy on the ears
  7. Schumpeter
    • The fad for workplace collaboration
Finance and economics
  1. Stockmarkets
    • The bear necessities
  2. Russia's economy
    • Phase two
  3. The impact of refugees
    • For good or ill
  4. Investment fraud
    • The cockroaches of finance
  5. Buttonwood
    • Endangered dividends
  6. China's P2P lending boom
    • Taking flight
  7. American banks
    • Not yet out of the woods
  8. Free exchange
    • Are economists dogmatists?
Science and technology
  1. The origin of coal
    • Rocking the world
  2. Zika fever
    • Virus chequers
  3. Medicine
    • Curing multiple sclerosis
  4. Social science
    • Done, bar the counting
  5. Planetary science
    • And then there were nine
Books and arts
  1. Indonesia's man tiger
    • Burning bright
  2. Garth Greenwell's debut
    • Come as you are
  3. Religion and psychology
    • God is watching you
  4. Central banks
    • Avoiding the next collapse
  5. The magic of Velazquez
    • With brush and eye
  6. Dadaab and its refugees
    • Cheek by jowl
80 Economic and financial indicators
  1. Statistics on 42 economies, plus new passenger-car registrations, 2015
  1. Tancrede Melet
    • The artist of the void

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